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Nobody is waiting for unexpected medical complications during a holiday. But when an unwelcome event happens there is adequate, qualified help 24/7 available in Candidasa.

For minor problems supermarkets sell paracetamol, anti-flu and anti diarrhea tablets.  Fortuna, a good pharmacy diagonally opposite the Asri supermarket, can help with the more specialized medicines.

5 minutes from Candidasa center is the Yagya Dasa Clinic to see a doctor or call for a house visit. Their service includes 24/7 doctor & ambulance, laboratory, electro cardiography, ultrasonography, minor surgery, emergency anti-histamine treatment, rooms for hospitalization and on appointment dental help. Phone: 0363 41378 / 0818 565 313

Near Manggis, 10 minutes by car from Candidasa, is the Penta Medica Clinic. This clinic also offers 24/7 services, such as 24/7 doctor stand-by. ambulance, home visits, 6 days a week dental care, emergency treatment , medical evacuation & repatriation. Help Line: 0363 41909

The Bali Med Hospital in Amlapura is a fully equipped modern hospital for almost every disease and disorder with medical specialists in almost every discipline. Contact 0363 430 1618  Emergency 082 340 822 184


Which vaccines are recommended when traveling to Bali?


 In general:
Check your routine vaccines before every trip. These vaccines also include the yearly flu shot. Keep your usual immunizations updated, year-round. They will  also protect you in Bali!



DTP vaccine
If possible ask to add polio if traveling with children.
These are severe, sometimes even fatal illnesses. Tetanus enters the body through a wound; the others are bacterial infections of the respiratory system, transmitted by coughing and sneezing. Polio is spread through contact with the feces (stool) of an infected person or through droplets from a sneeze or cough.
Hepatitus A
This viral disease of the liver is transmitted through contaminated food or water.
is caused by bacteria found in contaminated food, drinking water and rivers. Vaccination is recommended for travelers to rural areas where the sanitary conditions might be poor.

Rabies: Even after an Anti-Rabies vaccination program in your home country, it is crucial to start the Anti-Rabies injection program immediately after a bite, scratch or even a lick even though it doesn't look serious. Although the governmental vaccination and elimination program resulted in a sharp decline in the number of rabies cases, it is still wise to avoid contact with wild or unfamiliar domestic animals. Prevention is better than cure, in fact: there is no cure for rabies, only prevention.

Malaria: According to the WHO Bali is free of malaria and yellow fever. Travelers visiting other islands besides Bali, should take malaria prevention medicines with them.  Yellow fever vaccinations are not necessary for Indonesia.
This list is for the average traveler. Your personal health needs to be taken into account when considering what vaccinations to have. Your doctor or specialist knows your medical history and is the best person to give you advice.