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Tourist Visa VOA
The VOA is the simplest visa and must be obtained at the first airport or port of arrival in Indonesia, whether you're in transit or at your final destination. The maximum stay permitted for this free Visa on Arrival (VOA) is 30 days. Count the days properly, because this is not always exactly 1 month. The day of arrival counts as day 1.  

The following basic documents will be required at the Port of Entry:
1. Expiration date of the applicant's passport must be at least 6 (six) months after the date of entry. Damaged
    passports are not accepted.
2. Exit airline ticket or on-going ticket dated within 30 days after arrival.
3.  168 countries enjoy a visa-free entry in Bali. This Visa On Arrival is valid for 30 days, including day of arrival and day of departure. This VOA is not extendable.
Anyone planning to stay more than 30 days but less than 61 days should buy a VOA at the airport, because that one can be extended with another 30 days. Purchase the VOA before you queue up for immigration.The visa fee of IDR 500.000 or the rate of the day for other currency, is to be paid in cash only. If you don't have the exact banknotes needed, the officers return the remaining money in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). Use an agency or try to extend it yourself at the immigration offices in Denpasar or Singaraja.
Start the extension procedure at least 2 weeks before the expiring date. Note that during official public holidays and important Balinese Hindu holidays immigration is closed or has limited working hours, for example: during the 10 days of the Galungan-Kuningan holiday next to nothing will be processed. So calculate the days needed to extent the visa.
The staff at the immigration office can help you with the formalities, but it requires a lot of patience and at least 2 times returning to the Immigration Office. Visa agents can help you to shorten the formalities and arrange the photo- and fingerprint procedures. This will cost around IDR 800.000per visa
If you stay more than 30 days with a free VOA or more than 60 days on a paid VOA without extending it, you will be considered “overstay”. The official fine for each day overstay is IDR 1.000.000 per day, approximately $100

An overstay up to 60 days is only an administrative matter. It has no further serious consequences. Have the required amount of money ready in cash and pay at the airport before departure.

Overstay of more than 60 days is a crime according to the Indonesian law. The official fine for overstay on a paid VOA is also IDR 1.000,000 per day. If the necessary funds are not available, the person can be imprisoned for 5 years. A person overstaying more than 60 days will be blacklisted, usually for 6 months. Entering Indonesia during that period will not be possible.

There are two restricted regions (Papua and Poso) where travelers need a special permission and approval from the Indonesian Authorities. This can be done prior to your journey at the Indonesian Embassy in your home country or at the Immigration Offices in Indonesia.
A VOA is purely a tourist visa; you are not allowed to work, start a business or accept a trainee-ship, not even as a volunteer. It is meant for one entry in Indonesia (and one exit) with one of the following purposes
  • Tourism
  • Family visits
  • Social visits
  • Cultural and Art Visits
  • Government assignments
  • To attend or serve as a speaker at a seminar.
  • To attend an international exhibition
  • To attend a meeting with a branch office or business headquarters located in Indonesia.
  • As a transit point on a visit to another country.
  • There is no limit to the number of times that a 30-day free visa can be obtained in a single year.
Regulations can change without worldwide public announcement.
Check the website of the Indonesian Embassy for the latest information.


Social Cultural Visa (Sosial Budaya, Sos-Bud)/ Visit Visa
This type of visa is basically valid for a 60-day stay, but can be extended up to 180 days, almost 6 month. The visa can only be issued at an Indonesian Embassy outside Indonesia and must be consumed within 90 days after issuance. So you must enter Indonesia within 90 days after issuance, or else it expires. After the first 60 days there is a possibility to extend 4 times for 30 days more (mind the odd and even months!).
Start the extension procedure at least 2 weeks before the visa expires, because Immigration is a very busy office. At the first extension you need to go to Immigration in person, together with your agent if you hired one for a smoother handling, for having  fingerprints and a digital photo taken. Keep an eye on official public holidays and Bali-wide ceremonies. Around that events the office is closed.

The purpose of this visa is to visit friends / relations, or social, cultural or educational exchange. Sponsorship is required by an Indonesian citizen, preferably someone from the area where you intend to stay because officially the visa can only be extended at the Immigration Office in the area where your sponsor resides. But with the assistance of a visa agent the extension can be handled at the nearest Immigration Office. If you are taking part in a social, cultural or educational exchange or trainee-ship you need a sponsor letter from that particular organization with proof the fee is paid in advance.


Requirements for this visa:
1. Invitation/sponsor letter from an Indonesian citizen. If you are taking part in an educational exchange or
    trainee ship you need a letter from the Indonesian social or educational organization.
2. Photocopy of sponsor's passport or identity card (KTP).
3. Copy of sponsor's family register (Karta Keluarga).
4. Copy of sponsor's bank account statements (not always required, differs from country to country).
5. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the intended stay.
6. Roundtrip ticket (original/copy) or a letter from the travel agent, airline, steamship company, confirming the
    purchase of tickets into and outbound Indonesia.
7. An application form with 1 or 2 passport photos.
Requirements for extension of this visa:
1 passport photo 4 x 6 cm
Photocopy of the identity card of your sponsor
Sometimes: a photocopy of the sponsor letter


Take into notice that prolongation is a time-consuming affair. It takes at least 2 weeks before your application is rewarded with an additional stamp in your passport. At the first extension, after 60 days, immigration needs to take your photo and fingerprints.

Each Indonesian Embassy outside Indonesia operates according to its own rules, depending on the hosting country. The visa fee is more or less the same everywhere, pending around US$ 50
Important note: With this visa you are not allowed to do any business activities in Indonesia or to take up employment. It is only valid for one single entry and one single exit. For multiple entry / exit permits contact the Indonesian Embassy or your visa agency.
Regulations can change without worldwide public announcement.
Check the website of the Indonesian Embassy for the latest information.
The VOA and Social-Cultural / Visit visa are suitable for short or somewhat longer holiday purposes only. For information on other types of visa, such as business visa, retirement visa or work permits visit the website of the Indonesian Embassy of your country.