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Candidas and surroundings offers a vast choice of restaurants and warungs (small restaurants run by local people) suiting any budget, taste and preferences. All have their own pro's, so they are presented in alphabetical order.

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BALI ASLI  real culinary experiences

Bali Asli is situated amongst the tranquility of the rice fields, with breath taking views of Mount Agung. Just a 30 minute drive from Candidasa and Amed, in Gelumpang village. The food is cooked on wood fires, with fresh ingredients from the organic garden and Amlapura Market.

Bali Asli Cooking Class offers much much more than just cooking authentic Balinese food. All  classes include an Adventure to somewhere off the
tourist trodden track.   

BALI ASLI  OPENING HOURS: 10am-6pm, 7 days a week. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
PHONE: +62 8289 7030 098    WEB:     EMAIL:


CRAZY KANGAROO   Restaurant - Bar - Dancing

This spacious restaurant has more to offer than only good quality dishes and icy cold beer. There are Balinese Dances (every Tuesday), Live Music (every Thursday and Saturday) to entertain the guests who come for dinner. Occasionally, mainly in high season, people can watch a Fire Dance group.

A pool table and live sport events on wide screen TV serves the sportive part of the visitors.

On request the chef organizes cooking classes to learn how to make authentic Balinese dishes.

CRAZY KANGAROO is located on Jalan Raya Candidasa (main street) opposite of the Pondok Bambu Hotel; see map

Tel: 0363 41996  Free pick-up and return for dinner guests.


THE DINING ROOM Restaurant - Bar - Pizzeria - Sportscafe
The lodge-like exterior matches well with the inviting, tastefully designed interior. Every Monday evening professional Salsa dancers accompany the delicious local and international dishes.
Mouthwatering pizza's for take-away or delivery are prepared in the wood-fired oven outside. Also outside is The Bottle Shop, selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cheese, diary products, crackers, etc.

The Sports Bar upstairs shows live sport entertainment.

THE DINING ROOM is located in Candidasa, Jalan Raya Candidasa, opposite the bus & car park; see Candidasa map

Tel: 0363 - 42174 / 0363 - 42175

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The interior of this restaurant is a composition of antique Balinese objects and furniture, supplemented with up-to-date comfortable tables and chairs.

The menu offers authentic local specialties, fresh seafood cuisine, vegetarian and vegan dishes and steaks from the grill. 

The restaurant is located in Samuh, on a short walking distance from Candidasa center.

GANESH LODGE Bar & Resto   Jalan Pantai Indah, Samuh - Candidasa; see Candidasa map

Tel: 0363 - 41567



The Hot Dog Shop is an all-time favorite for everyone who wants a good (Aussie) hamburger or an unforgettable hot-dog. The kitchen also serves other food than this, but the burgers and dogs are famous in entire Candidasa and beyond.

The interior is simple, the beer is icy cold and the price-level is as low as the temperature of the refrigerator. This place is popular among tourists and ex-pats who want to exchange the latest news while having a drink or a tasty bite.

THE HOT DOG SHOP CANDIDASA is located at the Jalan Raya Candidasa, near the Police Station, see Candidasa map



This restaurant has a unique formula: in front the usual tables and chairs, with lounging seats near the podium. In the back area is a collection of seats and resting places where guests can also have dinner. In between is a swimming pool with clear blue water.

The menu shows local and international choices, created by the experienced kitchen-team. Every Saturday evening the 'Funky Baba Trio'  brings live music.

THE HUNGRY CROCODILE Resto & lounge is located at the Jalan Raya Candidasa, see Candidasa map      

Tel: 0363- 4381003



The structure of the building is a traditional Joglo house, imported from Java and re-build in the center of Candidasa. The interior has the corresponding colors and touches from the past, bringing a relaxed and timeless atmosphere.

The menu offers local, western and Japanese dishes.

Hidden from the street lies the garden with dining corners and a small fishpond with a fountain. The free pick-up and return service is a welcome extra.                     

JOGLO Bar & Restaurant is located at the Jalan Raya Candidasa; see Candidasa map

Tel: 0363 - 42181       FREE PICK-UP IN CANDIDASA AREA


LE-ZAT   Beach Restaurant

This is the place where the guests of Ashyana Candidasa Beach Resort, as well as visitors from outside the hotel, take the opportunity to have a delicious meal at the seaside. At the cooking class guests learn how to prepare the Balinese dishes. 

The sunsets from the terrace are astonishing.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Balinese dances are performed from 7.00 pm. Every Friday afternoon there is a free High Afternoon Tea, to raise funds for an orphanage in Amlapura.

Free pick-up and drop for dinner guests. 

LE-ZAT Beach Restaurant, Jalan Raya Candidasa,see map of Candidasa

Tel: 0363 - 41539


LOAF  Bakery - Cafe

Every day a new collection of fresh home made cakes, pies, muffins, bread appears on the counter of this small cafeteria / coffee-shop. Loaf also serves all kinds of coffees, teas and non-alcoholic refreshments. 

Light snacks and lunches can be savored inside the air-conditioned cafe or outside on one of the comfortable seats.

One of the big favorites is High Tea, but please order before.

It is possible to order cake, bread, etc. and pick it up at the appointed day and time.

Loaf is located near the junction to Tenganan, see map



The restaurant of the resort is overlooking the pool area and the deep blue ocean. It serves a wide choice of Mediterranean and Indonesian dishes to delight your taste buds, all prepared with fresh local produce.

Enjoy the flavors of the tropics!


LU PUTU  Warung - Resto

The garden and the quality of the food are the biggest attraction of this restaurant. Dining under the moon between the flowers and the trees gives an extra dimension to a Balinese holiday. On the menu are Balinese, Indonesian and Western choices.

Lu Putu also provides recreational cooking classes on request to learn how  local dishes are prepared.

This restaurant is located in Sengkidu, about 20 minutes walking distance from Candidasa. Lu Putu provides free pick-up and return in Candidasa and Buitan area.

WARUNG LU PUTU    Jalan Mendira 9, Sengkidu.

Tel: 0363- 42186 / 0821 4432 0002       See map  


MENDIRA HOUSE      gifts - coffee - food

Mendira House is not a traditional coffee or souvenir shop, it is a mixture of a boutique and curiosa treasure box, serving coffee, tea and ice-cream. Between the displays with unique handicrafts are shelves with pre-packed biological snacks such as potato chips and special mineral waters.

Mendira House is located on the Jalan Mendira, 15 minutes walking from Candidasa, between Lu Putu Restaurant and Candi Beach Cottages. See map for the exact location.

Open 10am - 6 pm


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Sea Side Restaurant


Dining with the soft sea breeze, accompanied by the glowing light of a   tropical sunset.

Pondok Bambu Restaurant offers its guests delicious meals from both the eastern and western cuisine.

Free pick-up and return in Candidasa area.

0363 41534


RAJA's Bar & Restaurant

The former Raja's restaurant has a new owner with fresh ideas concerning how to make the best of a restaurant. The formula proved to be a success, Raja's is very popular among tourists and ex-pats, not in the least because of the live music-bands.

To provide an even better service, the restaurant underwent  a vast renovation to make the place more comfortable and adapted to modern demands.

Tel: 0363 42034


REFRESH  Family Restaurant

At the Jalan Raya Candidasa, opposite of the BPD bank is a small, colorful restaurant serving many kinds of healthy and tasty salads, soups, sandwiches and other biological food and drinks.

Also for the non-vegetarian guests there is a promising menu.

The interior and exterior of Refresh are kept easy-going after the renovation, creating an almost Mediterranean atmosphere.

The dishes can be ordered by telephone and picked up later.

Refresh is open from 8am till 6 pm.

Tel: 0363 41400      See Candidasa map




The location of Shark's Bay Restaurant is one of the most romantic places in Candidasa area, with fabulous sunsets. The restaurant is part of the Sea Breeze Hotel, where the guest can chose to take a seat at the covered terrace or at the sea side.

In the afternoon some shy baby-sharks might show up in the shallow waters of the bay.

The famous chef serves Balinese, Indonesian and international dishes and special desserts

Shark's Bay Restaurant is located a few kilometer outside Candidasa, but has a free pick-up and return service.

Shark's Bay Restaurant: 0363 - 42149/ 42188  or  0812 108 5888   Location: see map



The cozy Shinta Restaurant is located at the Rama Shinta Hotel in the center of Candidasa. Step out of the gate and there is the beach, a few steps away. The path along the famous Candidasa Lagoon brings the guests to the well-maintained garden of the hotel, where the Shinta Restaurant hides between the flowers and trees.

The kitchen serves tasteful local and international specialties, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. During high season reservation is recommended.

SHINTA RESTAURANT, Jalan Raya Candidasa; Tel: 0363 41778           See map   


TEMPLE CAFE    Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant has 2 locations, one at the front with lounge seats, diner tables and wi-fi and one in the back, at the beach, where the sun gracefully sinks below the horizon.

The kitchen serves tasty Balinese and Indonesian dishes as well as wholesome Australian and European meals, with vegetables and herbs from their own organic garden.

Temple Cafe is located in the center of Candidasa.

Temple Cafe  Jalan Raya Candidasa    Tel: 0363 - 41629      See map



Terrace Restaurant is situated near the beach side at the Bayshore Villas and Bayside Bungalows Park, only a few steps from the Candidasa village entrance. Terrace restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner is open from 7 am till late seven days with meals available at all times, offering both western and Indonesian cuisine.

The highly trained staff will cater for any special dietary requirements and welcome the children with their own little peoples menu.

Terrace Restaurant   Jalan Raya Candidasa   Tel: 0363 - 41799  see map


TROPICANA Sports & Cocktail Bar

The former Mr. Grumpy's had a complete make-over and is brightening up Candidasa now as the Tropicana Sports & Cocktail Bar.

Wide-screen TV's show live Australian and international sports events, while the Bar serves many kinds of beers, wines, liqueurs, cocktails and juices.

The kitchen offers daily breakfast, BBQ, Aussie-burgers, Hot Dogs and light meals.

Tropicana can be found between Candidasa Temple and the junction to Amlapura / Samuh.   See map


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This famous restaurant in the center of Candidasa has a wide choice of Balinese, Indonesian and International cuisines. 

The all-round chef creates pies and pastry from the oven as well as roast dinner grilled on a huge barbecue outside.

The bar is well-known for the local and international beers and cocktails.

Watergarden kafe is open from 7am till 11pm. As an extra service there is free transport from and to Candidasa Hotels.

Watergarden Kafe  Jalan Raya Candidasa   Tel: 0363 - 41540      See Candidasa map


YOU & ME   Resto    Lounge Bar    Fusion Food

When You & Me opened its doors after an extensive refurbishment of the former Candidasa Restaurant, entire Candidasa was amazed by what the new owners had made of it. Comfortable lounge places, dinner tables with enough privacy, a huge well-provided bar and art-objects adorn the new interior.

Free pick-up and drop service

Every Saturday there is live easy-to-listen-to music, although from time to time You & Me has live shows on other days, announced on Facebook and sign-boards on the sidewalk.

You & Me Resto    Jalan Raya Candidasa    Tel: 0363 438 10 76  See Candidasa  map  for location