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Candidasa is located in the Regency of Karangasem, one of Bali's nine regencies. Karangasem covers the entire eastern tip of Bali. This whole area is in fact a storage of places of cultural, historical or natural value. Already on short distance of Candidasa are many interesting sites to visit. Here are a few suggestions: 

For those who like trekking Candidasa offers many attractive trails to explore. Choose from volcano trekking, jungle trekking, rice field trekking or even trekking from one attraction to another. You'll enjoy the most stunning views, discover villages you'll never find on a map and experience the hospitality of the Balinese people. But never go on a trekking tour without a reliable and experienced guide. In the Candidasa Network magazine you'll find good guides, who can adapt the difficulty of the trip to your level of experience.

Amlapura, the capital of the Karangasem district is located about 15 km north-east of Candidasa. Every morning there is a lively and colorful local market to explore with spices, fruit, fish and clothes in the center of the town. Near the center is the Puri Agung Karangasem, a palace built by the first king of Karangasem. The combination of Balinese, Chinese and European architectures makes this an unique collection of buildings.

On the way to Amlapura from Candidasa you'll pas Sang Hyang Ambu at the highest point of the road. Not only the view is astonishing, also the monkeys, belonging to the temple uphill, are amazingly cute.

In Jasri, just before entering Amlapura, lies the Sorga Chocolate Factory. All ingredients come from local farmers in the area. After a tour through the production process there is a free tasting session and the opportunity to buy the milk-free chocolate products.

Tirtagangga Royal Watergarden, 7 km north -west of Amlapura, still belongs to the royal family of Karangasem  and  was used to relax and recreate. Nowadays the local people and tourists swim around in the royal pools. Some of these are believed to contain holy water. 

Ujung Floating Palace, located at the seaside of Tumbu Village, 5 km s.e. of Amlapura. The complex also served as a palace for the King of Karangasem and his family and was used to host other royals, visiting the Kingdom. 

At Ujung Beach, opposite the Floating Palace, is the Lingga Yoni Temple, recently build (2014) around a yoni-shaped stone found in the sea in front at low tide. This yoni is seen as a gift of the God Shiva and serves as a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

Sibetan village near Bebandem, circa 15 km north-west of Candidasa, is well-known for its salak (snake skin fruit) plantations.

Against the slopes of the Gunung Agung in the back of Budakeling sits the Pura Penaterang Agung in Nangka village. This temple is renovated in 2018 and serves as the temple for all people of Karangasem.

Siddemen village, located on the inland road between Amlapura and Klungkung, is well-known for its stunning views of the Gunung Agung, valleys, riceterraces, with the deep blue Bali Sea on the horizon. In the village you can watch the weaving of songket, silk or cotton materials patterned with gold or silver threads. Also the local market is worth a visit.

Tenganan, approximately 4  km uphill from Candidasa, is known as the best preserved Bali Aga (original Balinese) village, which is still inhabited by descendants of its original villagers. In fact it is a living museum. When you walk between the houses it feels like being transferred into history. Visitors can watch how traditional artforms like weaving, egg-painting and making lontars (drawings on palm leaves) are performed. Especially the weaving of geringsing (double ikat) in traditional but also innovative modern patterns is very famous. The story goes that geringsing has magic powers and will protect the wearer from evil spirits and other disasters.

Padang Bai, a small village about 15 km south-west of Candidasa, has a lively boulevard along a white sandy beach where the fisherman “park” their fishing boats after the morning catch. The sea invites you to go diving or snorkeling and to admire its beautiful underwater panorama's with an abundance of fish and the presence of seaturtles. The village is also known for its three temples and as the harbor for ferries to Lombok and the fast boats to the Gili islands.

Goa Lawah, the bat cave, a 20 minutes drive from Candidasa, is a very important religious place for the Balinese people. The cave, packed with bats, protects Bali from evil spirits and it is said the tunnel reaches as far as the Gunung Agung. 

Near Goa Lawah are some salt-panning sites at the beach. Hard labor and little income. It is very interesting to find out how the sea salt is extracted from the water and processed until it is as pure and white as fresh snow.

In Klungkung you'll find Kerta Gosa, build in 1686 by the first king of Klungkung. It served as a ceremonial palace, but also as a court of justice. The paintings on the ceiling tell you what punishments the Gods have in mind for you if you sinned against the social rules. The museum gives a brief review of the decline of the kingdom. Another attraction of Klungkung is a visit to the gold shops, with traditional and modern jewelry.


       Tenganan Pegringsingan                                       Ujung Floating Palace


    Kerta Gosa court of Justice, Klungkung              Salt Panning near Goa Lawah