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Tours in Central Bali

The big must in Bali is of course the Pura Besakih, the mother temple, located on the slopes of the Gunung Agung, the holy mountain. With its 3142 meter the mountain is towering above all others and dominates almost every view on the island. The people in Bali sleep with their heads in the direction of Mount Agung, as the home of the Gods.
Every village in Bali has its own temple within the complex. On important occasions all the inhabitants of the village come to Pura Besikih to celebrate their own ceremony at the mother temple, so almost every day there is a beautiful, colorful event to admire.
Adventurers among us who want to climb its slopes are advised to ask their driver or hotel to contact a licensed guide, as this is not an ordinary every-day-climbing-game.

Mount Batur, with its 1717 meter, is the most active of the Bali-vulcano’s. It’s also one of the holy sites, which the Balinese people visit from time to time to make offerings. The view from here is incomparably amazing. Climbing Mount Batur is a favorite trekking route, famous for its beautiful sunrises that can be seen from the top. Hire a local guide when you want to take part this adventure.

In one of Mt. Batur’s craters you’ll find Lake Batur. With 24 square kilometers it is the biggest mountain lake of Bali. The story goes that the observed color of the water, depends on the mood of the spectator.  You can also visit the Bali Aga village of Trunyan, only accessible by boat or admire the breathtaking view on the lake in Kintamani, located on the crater rim.

On the way to Besakih you can ask your driver to stop at the production estates of coffee, cacao, many different species of fruits and aromatic spices. You can taste the products that are growing there and buy them fresher than fresh.

Bukit Jambul is a popular place to have a coffee or lunch. It is known for the overwhelming panorama’s of rice fields, valleys surrounded by mountains and the everpresent volcanoes. 

Ubud is the islands capital for arts and art collectors, literature, dancing and music. The staff outside the many galleries will invite you to come in and take a look at their collection of paintings, sculptures and other art forms. The local market offers a choice of souvenirs and local products.

Sukawati is famous for its art market. You can buy paintings, woodcarving, sarongs, t-shirts and other typical Bali objects. With a little bargaining you can have the articles of your choice for wholesale prices.

On your way to Sukawati you’ll pass Batuan, well known for its woodcarving and furniture. Between Sukawati and Denpasar is the village of Celuk, famous for the workshops and showrooms of silver- and goldsmiths.