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Tours to North Bali

The northcoast is the driest part of Bali. Also here the landscape is dominated by the Gunung Agung, Mount Batur and Gunung Catur. Especially in july, august and september the fertile soil has turned into  red dusty little desserts. But  also on the trips to this less-visited part of Bali you have the breathtaking views  on valleys, sawah’s and the deepblue Bali Sea.

First you reach Amed,a small village  with a very long and varied shoreline, decorated with many secluded bays. Perfect place for a lunch or a picnic. A  good site for snorkling and diving, with a steep coral wall.

Next village is Tulambem, known for the shipwreck, very close to the stony beach. The wreck is encrusted with coral, the sandy seabottom is a garden full of all kinds of sponges. The colorful fishes are used to divers and almost tame. This combination makes it an excellent site for snorklers and divers.

Further to the north a sign on the left side points to the Yeh Mempeh Waterfall in the village Les, between Tejukula and Penuktukan. This wonder of nature is one of the three highest waterfalls in Bali.

After Bukti are the Air Sanih or Yeh (the Balinese word for water) Sanih fresh water springs. The water is led through a channel system into large clear swimming pools.

Before you reach Singaraya the attention is drawn by one of Bali’s largest temples, the Pura Meduwe Karang, in Kubutambahan, 12 km east of Singaraja. This temple is dedicated to “Mother Earth”. In one of the walls is a stone carved relief, representing W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp, a Dutch painter who reached this temple by bicycle in 1904.

The former capital Singaraja (approximately circa 115 km from Candidasa) still has some remains of the Dutch colonial past, with the wide streets and historical buildings. The Gedong Kirtya Museum, dedicated to the preservation of Lontar scripts is worth a visit , once you’re in Singaraja. The harbour lost much of its importancy, but is still used for fishingboats and cargoships that bring supplies to the north.

Lovina, 10 km beyond Singaraja, is a quiet tourist settlement with black sandy beaches and coral reefs. Actually it is a string of three small villages with small restaurants, homestays, hotels and shops. An important attraction is a dolphin-tour by boat early in the morning, but without dolphin-spotting guarantee of course.